whack-y wednesday!

i got these awesome hedgehog nail brushes a while ago and i let the kids use them after we do clay.  they seriously love these things and, of course, some students use them every chance they get!  some days i leave them like this:


or this:


(it’s entertaining!! :oD )

today a second grader became so fascinated with them that he pulled them down off the counter and started playing with them.  i think i was saying something and i almost stopped him – but i had been thinking about the soap tray compositions in the last couple of days (because that’s what i do! :oD ).  so instead, we had an unplanned mini-lesson about arranging shapes and colors to make different compositions – smile!



unnamed-5(AND there was non-stop giggling!)

as the group lined up to leave, another student noticed that the other tray wasn’t looking quite as nice and she went “miss smith, this one hasn’t been arranged yet!”


and so, of course, she arranged that one too!  ;o)

whack for the week:

how could a 2nd grader upset a teacher by playing with soap?

how could a 2nd grader delight a teacher by playing with soap?