funky paintbrush fun

while i am very much enjoying the process of clearing and reorganizing the studio, i do have moments when i look around and feel like the cabinets have thrown up all over the classroom.  it’s a gross description for a gross feeling!


wednesday i learned a lesson.  first, why so many paint brushes?!  yikes!  second, what might happen if ALL of the paintbrushes are visible on the back table – and not just the ones that are always on the counter?  well, one thing that could happen is a 2nd might grader ask, “can we use these brushes?” and an art teacher with unclear parameters for which brushes to use or not use might see her omission as an opportunity and say, “okay!”

magic paintbrushes(!):

unnamed-1 unnamed-4

(“this is tight!”)



(making paintings for mr. jordan, our custodian) unnamed-6


(and the sweethearts who used the “usual” brushes)

have a fabulously funky weekend!